Create a community of musicians, performers and artists that works together to share services/talent and promote each other via the web and social media.

  • Use the collective power of the group and members’ individual networks to expand promotion opportunities for specific targeted artist’s services, events and business services.
  • Whenever possible, use the talents and services of Alliance members for personal business needs. For example: If anyone in the community needs website services, they pledge to look within the network first — before going outside the network for their needs. This kind of thinking assumes that within the Alliance we have a strong group of talented people who can provide nearly any service you need. The mantra should be: Help ourselves first.


  • Creative Artists:  Singers, dancers, musicians, painters, dj’s, mc’s, actors/actresses, writers, etc.
  • Professional Services In Support of Creative Artists: Sound design, stage rental, make-up, stylists, video services, film services, website services, graphic design,writers, pr and marketing services, directors, lighting, printing, photography services, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • Friends of Creative Artists: Friends, families and fans who love and support creative artists.


  • LCCAA Logo Placement: If you have a website or blog, please display our logo  (to d/l logo highlight image w/mouse. right click, then save image as) with a link back to this page. (link: http://www.sidewaysmileyface.com/?page_id=5395)
  • Actively participate and promote fellow alliance members however and whenever possible via the web and social media networks.
  • Consider Alliance Member services first for your business needs before going outside the network.
  • Subscribe to the @leftcoastcaa Twitter feed. From time to time, we’ll promote  a call to action for everyone to share and retweet services, performances, products via your personal social media networks.
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #leftcoastcaa in as many tweets as possible to spread the word and expand the network.


  • Your e-mail will be added to the LCCAA newsletter list.  We’ll use the newsletter to promote, share &  plan opportunities where we can all work together to swarm promote via the web, Facebook, Twitter & other social networks.